Practical Advice That’s Easy to Understand

DCA Business Recovery was formed, following the de-merger of KSA Business Recovery LLP, in December 2012. Debbie Cockerton, a Licensed Insolvency Practitioner, oversees DCA Business Recovery from the Southend on Sea office in Essex.

The staff at DCA Business Recovery lead by example and each staff member has experience in different aspects in Insolvency.

We understand how important it is to discuss your financial problems and sometimes a simple telephone call is all that is needed to put your mind at ease, however when your situation does need a formal insolvency procedure we are there to advise the best way forward.

We will work with you to find the right solution to your situation in detail and provide unbiased and honest advice. All meetings held with our skilled insolvency advisors are in confidence and a report can be sent to you following the meeting outlining the options discussed.

Bounce Back Loans – Just keep on bouncing!

As it is now over 12 months that some companies took out a Bounce Back loan, they are starting to have to pay them back. Some businesses are not going to be able to recover and will not be able to open again due to problems with covid.

Some of these companies are trying to dissolve their companies via the dissolution route (DS01) at Companies House, which is commonly referred to the £10 route. We are seeing an increasing number of objections being received by these companies and therefore the company cannot go down this route…